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Steve McElroy and Ashley Parris Hit $5.8 Million Jury Verdict in Los Angeles

A downtown Los Angeles jury returned a verdict for damages of $5,782,000 for in injured young man on July 23. 2021 after a three-week trial in a case entitled Brayan Resendez v Mulholland Tennis Club.

Brayan was 19 years old when he started his first job working for a painting company. The company was hired to paint the facilities at the tennis club. After several weeks on the job, an 8-foot cinder block wall collapsed beneath Brayan and crushed his left foot. The wall had been constructed by tennis club staff in the 1980’s and had no proper reinforcement. The jury learned that the wall had been built without permits or inspections.

Brayan developed a chronic pain condition after 7 surgeries to the foot, including the loss of his toe. The jury awarded $5 million for pain and suffering damages and $782,000 in future medical expenses. The award was reduced to $5,282,000 based upon a finding that Brayan’s employer was 10% at fault for not having proper safety measures in place.

Steve McElroy and Ashley Parris are experienced trial lawyers and the founders of McElroy Parris Trail Lawyers in Ojai, California. They have been trying cases together for more than 15 years and specialize in helping victims of accidents that suffer from chronic pain conditions.

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