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2016 Trial Lawyer of the Year Nominees Announced

The nominees for 2016 Trial Lawyer of the Year are:

1. John Howard

2. Stephen McElroy

3. Irwin “Rob” Miller

4. Trevor Quirk

5. Barry Reagan

6. The Team of Dennis LaRochelle and John Howard

Details of the notable civil jury trial results associated with each nominee will be distributed shortly. Meantime, purchase your tickets for the May 23, 2017 dinner meeting at the Tower Club, where the Trial Lawyer of the Year will be Announced. All are welcome! (If you are a nominee, your ticket is on us.) Tickets purchased by May 16, 2017 will be discounted by $10. Click here for additional information and to purchase tickets.

We hope to see everyone there as we celebrate the accomplishments of these worthy nominees.

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